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Middle School Computer Lessons Publishing
 Computer Instruction Books and Ebook's for grades 5 through 12
Our premier products the "Complete Technology Curriculum" for Middle School Students and the "Advanced Technology Curriculum" for Middle and High School.


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Middle School Computer Lessons
Ebook/Site Licenses for Word, Powerpoint, Excel, advanced projects, and roboitics click 

A Complete technology curriculum:

This title contains over 70 hours of classroom computer activities! 
Including 35+ creative projects!
*Works with Google Docs/MS Office
  -Instructor Book(90 pgs.)
  -Student Book (45 pgs)
  -Worksheets (35)
  -Rubrics (35)

Designed for grades 5-9 in mind, but can be easily adapted for most grades and classes. Most lessons are designed for MS Office but can be used for Google Docs and any Office or Office-like software.
This site license purchase gives you unlimited printing and usage rights for your class.

Complete Technology Curriculum (Middle School) - Ebook/Site License- Instructor and Student Books
SKU#: 987-0-615-43997-6

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To find out more or request 2 free sample lessons from this book.

Complete Curriculum -Second Edition

This title contains over a hundred hours of advanced computer activities. Designed for grades 5 through 12, this ebook system contains projects for any type of Office software. This curriculum contains 44 lessons that were designed by using the nets-t and Common Core Standards.
*MS Office/Google Docs

Each lesson features:
*Student Instructions
*Teacher Lesson Plan
*Exit Tickets (for formative assessments)


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Email us at Support@middleschoolcomputerlessons.com
To find out more or request 2 free sample lessons from this book.